7 in 1 Premium Care

Biovisol 7 in 1 Premium Care offers 7 benefits in one product for stronger, smoother, more attractive, healthier nails.

Active substances

Acetyl-methionine and Keratin-like peptide: strengthen and protect natural keratin to prevent nail breakage.

  • Hexanal(1): powerful hardening agent that significantly improves the condition of the nail.
  • Amino acid: nail restructuring.
  • Vitamin E and Violet extract: moisturising, antioxidant and protective properties.
  • Argan and Baobab Oil complex: nourishing properties.
  • Formulated with opaque nitrocellulose: brings out the brilliance of the nail and conceals imperfections.


  • Very short drying time
  • Long-lasting hold
  • Dermatologically tested

Tested, proven results

Biovisol 7 in 1 Premium Care gives nails a shiny, clear finish and ensures:

  • Strength and growth: 81% (2)
  • Hardening: 86% (2)
  • Protection: 95% (2)
  • Smoothness: 100% (2)
  • Nourishment and shine: 100% (2)


  • As treatment: apply two layers, twice per week
  • As base coat: apply a layer under the coloured nail varnish

(1) Aldehyde patented and clinically tested over 4 weeks of regular use.

(2) Clinical study in 21 volunteers

Available in pharmacies and where personal care & health products are sold.

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