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OLI by CCD, your menstrual cycle and female wellness application.

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The menstrual cycle application for your daily female wellness.

Stay connected to your body with a menstrual cycle application entirely dedicated to female wellness. More than just a simple period tracking tool, OLI by CCD accompanies women of all ages towards better menstrual and premenstrual comfort. Start tracking your menstrual cycle now and kick off your OLIGOBS 28 regimen.

Your woman's life in complete serenity.

Menstrual cycle app: track my periods and symptoms in the same place.

Fill in your menstrual calendar with key dates for tracking your menstrual cycle and express what you feel both physically and psychologically.

Irritability, mood swings, bloating, headaches… A woman’s life can be punctuated by certain ailments that are more or less recurrent from one cycle to another. Month after month, the menstrual cycle application OLI by CCD helps you keep an eye on the signals your body sends you.

With each new cycle, get accurate predictive measures (next periods, ovulation) to face tomorrow more serenely.

Preserve your premenstrual comfort

Simply track my OLIGOBS 28 regimen

Follow your OLIGOBS 28 regimen throughout your menstrual cycle and preserve your premenstrual comfort. The menstrual cycle application is based on your tracking data to get you started on a new regimen at the right time. To simplify your life, you will receive a daily reminder 10 days before the start of your period.

Set up your alerts according to your preferences so you never forget your dietary supplement again.

Application developed in partnership
with health professionals.

Founded in 1964, Laboratoire CCD is a French laboratory expert in women’s health: gynecology-obstetrics, medical assistance in procreation, contraception, and micronutrition.

The vocation of Laboratoire CCD is to accompany women at each stage of their lives in order to enable them to live a free, fulfilled, and healthy life.

Hand in hand with health professionals, CCD, the Women’s Laboratory, collaborates with health professionals, doctors, midwives, paramedical professions… in the city and in the hospital, in order to provide you with reliable and ethical scientific and medical information.

Live in harmony with your body.

Find reliable answers on tracking my menstrual cycle.

Access educational content written by experts to better understand your cycle and your premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

There is no age to question how your body works. Doctors, gynecologists, and health professionals answer your questions in a clear and accessible way. These resources are available at any time on your menstrual cycle tracking application.

Your femininity in full awareness.

Write my intimate story in complete confidentiality.

Day by day, express your thoughts, physical and psychological feelings in your personal log. Tracking your menstrual cycle is also about paying attention to what you feel but also to what you live, a change, an event, an emotion… That’s why the journaling feature of the menstrual cycle application OLI by CCD allows you to write your day in a protected space. This blank page is an invitation to meet yourself, your body, and your intimacy and to live your femininity in full awareness. It’s up to you to fill it.

Our customers testify.

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Download the application.

Stay connected to your body
for better menstrual comfort.


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